Hairstyles for Round Faces and Thin Hair

Owning a round face does not mean that you are fat. Many women and girls have round faces as their inborn or natural characteristic. Sometimes, it makes them proud but sometimes, they feel quite confused. The most confusion is when choosing an appropriated style, especially hairstyle for your thin hair. What are the best hairstyles for women with thin hair and round faces? Here are some advices for you.
Nowadays, thin hair is quite common to us. It may be a natural characteristic or caused by genetic disorder or a result of some diseases. By thin hair, it means the number of strands in scalp is not much. With that nature of thin hair, you might have to spend quite a long time to search the right hairstyle when you also own a round face. Today, this article will bring some hairstyles for round face and thin hair.

Short Bob
You have a round face, thin hair and you love short cut? Well, the smartest idea for you may be short bob hairstyles. There are many kinds of short bob like layered bob, angled bob or stacked bob, and etc. All of them offer the felling being versatile, stylish and elegant. The length is also various with many different styles of bags

Hairstyles for round faces and thin hair

A long inverted bob
A long inverted bob is also among the most popular hairstyles for round face and thin hair. With this hairstyle, the hair at the back will be shorter than the one at the front and two sides. The aim of a long inverted bob is creating the delusion of slimmer face as well as fuller hair. Well, of course, face roundness is clearly reduced thanks to a long hair framing the face. This is the different point between this model and the other classic bob hairstyles.
Long hairstyles also help to add length to the round face as a way to reshape your appearance. Besides, a long bob hairstyle with some curl or a wavy haircut will look great.

Hairstyles for round faces and thin hair

Medium hairstyles
Medium hairstyles are also a hairstyle creating an impression of a longer hair and thicker hair. You can also use bag to having a better look; however, you need to avoid some kinds of hair bag like short blunt fringe because it make your face fatter. On the other hand, you should apply asymmetrical bangs or graduated bangs to add volume to the thin hair and minimize the roundness of the face.

Hairstyles for round faces and thin hair
Again, I want to refer to a famous saying that “there is no ugly woman but the ones who do not know how to make themselves more beautiful”. This saying might right in most of situation. Hope that hairstyles for round faces and thin hair are useful to you.

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